Kiezellisp is a lisp compiler/interpreter running on .NET and using the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).

Web site generated on: 2014-09-14

BREAKING CHANGE AS OF 2014-03-03: changed `try` to `ignore-errors`; introduced `try` with `catch` and `finally` clauses.

BREAKING CHANGE AS OF 2014-02-22: using colon and double colon package-symbol separators instead of period and exclamation mark.



Get Kiezellisp

Current development version: Kiezellisp 1.0 RC3 (Release Build 5365 - 2014-09-09)

This version is built with CLR 4.0 and works with mono 2.10.9.

Common Lisp

Kiezellisp is not identical but similar to other lisps, such as Common Lisp. If you understand Common Lisp functions or packages, you will not have a problem understanding the corresponding Kiezellisp features.